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  • General translation

An important client has written you an e-mail in Spanish and you don’t understand it at all?
Do you want to give more visibility to your blog by adding your entries in another language?
Would you like to be able to send your CV to that big international company?
I’ll translate all that for you in a jiffy!

General translation refers to non-specialized texts and, therefore, does not contain many complexities, technical or terminological difficulties. As it is not from a specialized field, the language used is clear, natural and simple, without any kind of technicality.
These general translations include texts such as:

  • Comunicados
  • Press releases
  • Blogs
  • Commercial letters
  • Business presentations
  • Tourist brochures
  • Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Personal documents
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Specialized translation

Your studies are going to be published in a major scientific journal and you need to be sure of your grammar?
Have you bought an innovative machine for your company and the instructions are intelligible?
Do you have an important contract to sign and you want to make sure that nothing escapes you?
Call me and rest assured!

A specialized translation consists in translating a text that deals with a specific subject, with its own terminology and is intended for a more or less restricted audience. For this, it is not just necessary to know a language or understand the text, but also to know how to translate its exact meaning and to know the proper terminology in both languages in order to transmit the message as faithfully as possible.

The number of translation specialities is enormous, so, in order to simplify it, it shall be classified as follows:


This type of translation is characterized, above all, by the number of technical terms and acronyms, which are also in constant evolution, and consists of documents belonging to any specific field of science and technology, both in the professional and academic sectors, for example:

  • Mechanics
  • Industry
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Computing


It is the translation of documents from the health sciences and the pharmaceutical industry. This includes among many others:

  • Clinical documents
  • Medical and hospital records
  • Medical Supplies
  • Regulations and legislation
  • Scientific research
  • Health Insurance Documents
  • Medical Records


Legal translation consists of translating documents of a legal nature, whether they are public (official documents issued by an Administration or Public body) or private (drafted to regulate a certain legal transaction between individuals or companies).

Legal translation covers the translation of various types of legal texts and documents that place high demands on the correct use of legal terms and requires precise wording. The documents that can be found in this speciality are among many others:

  • Contracts
  • Citations
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney
  • Certificates
  • Legal texts


To simplify, it has been called financial, but in reality its correct term would be more of an economic-financial translation, but it can even be found hybrids that mix the legal with the financial. It would include all kinds of economic documentation, such as, to name a few:

  • Balance sheets
  • Bills of exchange
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Checks
  • Tax returns
  • Investments
  • Promissory notes


This speciality, as its name indicates, is dedicated to the translation of texts, generally books, of a literary nature and aimed at a more or less wide audience. These texts have a certain aesthetic flair, as well as being entertaining and informative, and therefore require great creativity, as well as a deep knowledge of the culture to be translated, on the part of the translator. The great literary genres are novels, essays, plays and poetry.

“You may ask yourself, why work with me in this speciality?
It’s easy to explain, I’ve been steeped in the English-speaking culture for years, through its literature, its series and its films. With that I have gained a great knowledge of their pop culture which, added to my second passion, reading, gives me a great experience as a reader to translate your literary work. Have I convinced you?»
Contact me and you won’t regret it!

  • Text Revision

Do you want to ensure that your translation is correct?
Are you an foreign student and don’t want grammatical errors in your work?
Send it to me and publish your article with complete peace of mind!

Document and content corrections
It consists of the revision of the text before its publication. It is checked for grammatical, stylistic and orthographic perfection. With this, you will ensure that there are no typos, missing spellings or out-of-context phrases.

Review of translations
It consists of thoroughly examining a translated text and checking its quality. Grammar, spelling, spelling and punctuation errors are corrected by comparing it at all times with the original text. In short, it is a process between translators that guarantees the quality of the translated text. Additional proofreading will always reduce possible errors.

  • Machine Translation Post-editing

Do you have a translated report with MT for internal use, but want to make sure it is readable by everyone?
I am the perfect translator for this task!

Most people don’t know what post-editing is, so the first thing is to know what it really is and how it differs from a normal translation.

Let’s see it in a simple way, automatic translation is everything that is done through a computer program, in short, Artificial Intelligence.
You’ve got it right! To give an example is, the Google Translator, among many others.

The purpose of post-editing is to improve the result obtained from an MT (Machione Translation) system, which does not necessarily have to be perfect, as long as the result is at least understandable.

There are two types:

Complete post-editing:

Corrections are made to ensure that the text serves to communicate or reach publication levels. Only what is absolutely necessary is changed, without dwelling too much on questions of style.

Rapid post-editing:

The reader should only get an idea of the text. Changes should be minimal, without changing styles, since the texts will be mostly for internal use and will not be published.

Other services

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About me

My parents were always told that they should write a book about their bohemian life style and, thanks to them, I lived all my infancy speaking several languages and travelling all over Europe. As a young girl, I was given the opportunity to study a degree in biological sciences at Edinburgh and this finally sealed my great passion: learning new cultures and languages. Since then, step by step, my interest led me to this path that I am taking now and which is to be able to live from translation, from something that I am passionate about and that I am always willing to improve on. Add to that my fascination for science and you have a professional translator who specializes in scientific-technical translations.

As a geek girl at heart I find it fascinating to take a patent and translate it so that the message spreads. Just for that I feel part of the scientific community, helping on the development and advancement of Sciences.

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